Monday, July 6, 2009

Delta College Color Photography Class 09

"4 Elements of Nature" presentation

This project was in the works for the last couple of months of class. We had to do a 15-20 minute presentation that consisted of 30-40 images. With the help of my friend Kiran, the idea for my project was born.

I made a new friend while doing this assignment. I really wanted to capture the launch of a hot air balloon for the air and fire component. I was in contact with Mark from Saginaw who is a hot air balloon pilot. The first try was too windy so he inflated (I learned rather quickly not to use the words 'blew up' LOL) the balloon for me while it was tethered so I could take pictures. The second try (Easter Sunday), was successful and he was kind enough to let my son Evan and I ride along. The balloon that I shot from the air was another person's balloon.

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