Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh, the frustration!!!!

Ok, if anyone does this blog thing and can tell me why when I line things up, they move themselves around in the final blog? I've tried to edit multiple times, but can't get things to stay where I put them!


  1. Welcome to blogland. Came by way of Funoldhag. Great photos. I wish I could help you with editing problems. Its trial and error. I still have difficulty with spacing and placement. You might like to see my daughter-in-laws blog. She's a photographer... http://photographybykrista.blogspot.com/
    ...she can probably help answer your questions.

  2. Melissa, I think I forgot to hit post comment after I wrote one. I had told you how great I thought your pictures are and also that you are doing a very good job with your blog. You will have so much fun with this! Carol

  3. I'm trying again to leave you a comment this morning.

  4. I've learned to live with it having a mind of its own ... wish I could help you.

    WELCOME to blogland. Your pics are exquisite.
    We've always wanted to but never do get to New Mexico to view the balloon festival.

    Have a great day & pop over for a visit & follow me. TTFN ~Marydon