Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Delta College

Ok, so my boys think I'm nuts but I'm so excited about my Digital Photography class at Delta this fall! I just paid my tuition today and can't wait for the bookstore to open in August to pick up my books.

I realize summer is still in full force, but I do look forward to school starting. Sorry guys!


  1. Don't apologize .. this is good! I think it is GREAT that you are going for this class. Finger waggling at the boys!!!

    I wish Joshua was as excited/happy as are you ... he's being a real squirt about 'I don't know why I need a piece of paper'. You don't want to hear the LENGTHY dialogue of 'why' we've been thru ... he's going! do or die. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Good for you, Melissa! I can see so clearly being very excited and enthusiastic about photography - what a great hobby (it's way more than a hobby) to master and to learn how to get the full use out of your wonderful camera. Carol

  3. Hey good luck, we are never to old to learn, i do think that Dear Carol B. proves that point each and every day to all of us.